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You’re a doll and always have been. 

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n vn Don’t worry I honestly thought you were busy with work or something. A lot of people have been busy with the end of school coming. I’mma stalk you, got to make sure I see Jalapeño Cat on my dash here and there.

     —      Well I am. Work has been recently keeping me busy enough not to complain about it XD but it's more likely I will check messages on that account than this one D: ...

Anonymous asked:
Draw a neko-vani? ;3 nyan nyan =^.^=

dsmbrvltg3 asked:
-flops on- YOU'RE ALIVEEEEEEEEEE~!!! [ ;v; I might have been getting worried...]


    —     -catches you- afdsafdsa— bby, I'm sorry! Yes!! Of course I'm alive, it's just that I don't log into this account as much as I should and check it every blood moon. And I forgot I have not posted yet the links to where you may find me (I swear I did but apparently it was an idea that just stayed in my head orz).

     —     Here's my personal, in case you guys want it. There you can find all dem links~ <3


thank you for helping me find a new url for my roleplay account senpai ;//v//;

some cute vanitas+xion like you wanted hh— dunno whether to make it platonic or not, so i kinda did an inbetween //v//

[ Asfdgad so pressshhh <3 <3 <3 !!!! ]

Anonymous asked:
do you mind when people use your vanitas and ventus icons? i see A LOT of people using them...

     —     At first when I began making Vanitas art and icons, I felt a little flattered, specially 'cuz well, if your art is used on an icon, it must be considered 'good enough' to fit in there, right? But I stopped feeling this way when other people started stealing those people's icons and even some gifts I received from friends. What made it worse is that people didn't even took the time to credit, not me, not those who edited the icons, and that seriously pissed me off.

     So think about it: the moment you post a new icon that you say 'oh finally, a thing i did to myself and only to myself, this is mine' and five minutes later, you see someone in the dash using it. You check their blog, and still no credit? Makes you feel all effort gone to shit. & Kinda gets in the nerve, and ends up discouraging you at some point, to be honest.

     Nowadays I'm just like 'meh', 'cuz each time I see someone using my icons or whatnot, I can be like 'Yo, I fucking did that, and no matter what you say, and claim, and whatever floats your sassy little goat, you cannot tell me otherwise.' So yeah, I'm not bothered at all.

     These days I'm just embarrassed: how could've I made a whole ruckus about such crappy art back then? Haha, 'cuz you know, it's like seeing those silly doodles you did as a five year old and thought 'jfc this is a MASTERPIECE'... But obviously, no, it's just crap you have to let go, lol.

     So there's your answer, anon <3

pprathrty asked:
Hey baby que paso? I thought I was your only vato~ = v=/~ Ello Jalapeño Cat~


ooc; Psh, watcha talking about? You’re my only pinchi vato ‘till the end of times <3 my only fisshyy fisshhhh ~



◓ Red didn’t know what to do with that man munching on his cheeks, and involuntary ended up doing a small noise when the other left some teeth marks on his pale skin. It was not of Red’s nature do leave others to do as they pleased, but this man acted as if he could do anything, even though they never met before, and it was so strange that the raven ended up having no reaction. 

Gilded irises surveilled the tension he’s began to feel on the trainer’s body. In all sense of the word, it was a display average eyes wouldn’t be able to perceive, not at first sight. Each scrape his teeth did on the young’s skin wasn’t calculated, that would’ve been a total waste of time. He was focused on his reactions. When receiving response like that quiet noise the other did, made his misplaced attempts completely worth it. The right corner of his lips curved with such devious amusement it wasn’t hard to figure out he was pleased. “Is it any good?” The shadow teased with a murmur, following the shape of his face until the end of his jawline, where teeth would start burying slowly, in a carefully enjoyable manner. Eyes, however, remained completely fixed on his victim, whose lack of reaction only pushed the german forward to insist more.