"A life conceived under one man's greed.
Raised within the depths of darkness,
an abomination beyond hope of salvation.
An unfaithful wolf under a sheep's skin.
Shattered pieces of what has never been a human...."

sarynightray whisperedVanny-San , King of Darkness ever <33 e.e

     ”If I’m a King, how come I always get the trashy jobs?”

chosenbyclow replied to your post:

pani you linked your da account as a tumblr account ‘v’

     [ Ssshh no one noticed. Genius sparkling. ]

Anonymous whisperedwhat's the tittle of the first song?

No One Loves Me, Neither Do I - Them Crooked Vultures ]

noyomi whisperedThis is probably the fuck question u are answering always, but I REALLY NEED to know. Where I can find your official art? Pls... ;__;


     [ Gummy speaks: ] Oh my, you’re the first to ask this actually. Still, it’s hard to answer. Most my art is scattered because I have erased this blog couple of times and the amount of threads/art I had there was big. I have some in my deviantart account, and I have a personal blog where I post stuff from time to time, but I’m not sure if I should repost that other missing old art (some pieces I’m not really fond of for personal reasons, hah). However I understand it must be quite hard to find the reblogged pieces in people’s blogs so… I’ll consider it uploading them on my pixiv later.



                         "I hope I’m not late!"

     ”Late? That’s an understatement.”

astraldirectrix whisperedYou the man, man.


     ”I’m what you need <3


I can’t with you child… xD Ohmygod -dies-

(sorry dad, my head is full of cats and other things i can’t explain)

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abissale whispered"What a handsome young man you are."


     ”Aw~ c’mon, lad. If you want that drag you gotta come up with something better. Don’t go all my way to greet the soviets for you to laze it, you know?”

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I feel he fits that better than anything else. He’s very orca like to me xD -hugs- Love you too son :D

( And so we gave birth to Orcanitas. )



⌊ † ⌉  ╾╾╾ 

                  The Lion simply tapped his nose towards the Crow, he thought that he would welcome the darker haired male with something he wouldn’t expect. He himself was wearing a cyan blue t-shirt with white shinny jeans, three surfer bracelets on each wrist and a black beaded necklace which went down to the bottom of his rib cage; having a cross hanging from the end.

Ventus then started to write down on a pad of paper with a green pen.

 What's the matter? Can't I surprise the bae with things?

was all that he wrote, giving a cheeky smily towards Vanitas.

     ”Oh, I assure you: that’s not what I’m complaining about.” Says he after giving a quick glance to the written reply, having his brow quirked with few expectation for listening to the blond’s voice a second time. “I do like surprises, but it’d be a lot better if you occupied your lips on something else… No innuendo intended this time, I promise.” Though his devious smirk could easily play an opposition to his wording. Arm covered up in black leather, from shoulder to his almost permanently gloved hand, embraced the other with the small bits of affection he had no trouble showing. Couple of nuzzling and just a little of kiss snatching, before Ven grabbed that pen an paper once again.