Dᴏɢ ᴡɪᴛʜ Sʜᴀʀᴘᴇʀ ᴛᴇᴇᴛʜ I.


     ”Sunlight’s hitting today…” Quietly murmurs, watching the two first players in finishing the mission rocking that shiny hair color. Standing beside the ten four building, he exhaled some smoke from the deeper part of his lungs, his expression indifferent to their rejoice. Who would’ve known Bebop Sharks had a knack for blonds without mentioning the ProducerIn any case, he said he’d enjoy his break now that he’s able to come out and enjoy Shibuya’s fresh air. The same overfilled streets with the same people. ’Woooh… What a joy’.  He rolled his eyes, taking another deep drag of the cigarette he held between lips. After all, that’s what has become his own signature around here, aside the red glowing eyes of his visor mask. Ironically, he’s been refusing to wear those until know, and not precisely for their sightseeing advantages. He was tired of those eyes… The golden stone hue of his own irises inherited from his kind for quite a long time, and if he could see himself on a mirror, or accidentally glance on his own reflection, he felt content not to meet those eyes again. A dog with eyes like blood. How screwed up was it to romanticize his own misery…

      “Less than an hour…” Would the other team make it? Or will he have some new merry company on the upcoming game? “Eh… Ain’t it enough company, already?” He bitterly smirked, trashing the remaining filter. It’s been a while since the last time he’s had to crush one of these. He’s been lately smoking ‘till burning the last bit. However, it was another thought coming into being that made him grin in expectance. Wether they make it or not, this was a win/win situation.

     ”Guess I’ll have to wait and see~…”

persuadedbyboko asked:
Wraps a scarf around him.

     ”Why, thank you. This will come in handy… Uhm, perhaps in couple of months?”

dsmbrvltg3 asked:
Giving Vanitas one cigarette and a lighter, Sora cleared his throat a little after as he pulled out a black book, "Chapter one of the Book of Norting. If one is a Shark, they must never stop swimming. Coffee makes you go to the bathroom a lot, just like alcohol does. Hippos sweat pink, and the man with churro pants will rule the world. End of Chapter one."

      “Huh…” Well, he’s certainly glad he asked for that cigarette first. All this knowledge had no sense (if hippos ever sweated pink, he’s not entirely sure). Though there’s only one thing he’s concerned about:

      “Are you going to introduce me this churro pants guy later on or…” Please say no.

sleepingfloods asked:
[Comes out of nowhere to flop across his back and nuzzle his cheek] "Helllloooo, my little mortal twin. I'm tired. Carry me around for a bit will you?"

     Leaning a tad forward to deal with the sudden weight on his back, lips curved upwards and pulling the cigarette to the side. “Twin, huh?” He murmurs with difficulty, rolling his eyes and smirking, once fingers held that valuable tobacco stick out of the overly affective twin reach. “Eh… I don’t think running after dinner is a good idea though~”

dsmbrvltg3 asked:
Pulls out a pack of cigarettes, "You may have one for each passage of the Book of Norting that I read. I'll make you coffee when I am done."

     ”Alright, I’ll smoke the first while you read.” Grabby hands at the cigarette. “My attention span depends on it so, hand it, boy.”

etherealsummoner asked:
A shadow he is, a raven yet she feared him not even as to linger close within his space after the kiss pressed on to his forehead. Innocent blinks from those amethyst irises, framed by long lashes at his words before her expression softened into a smile. With the raise of her petite hands to cup his cheeks. "And I missed you too." [ I missed you moarrrrrr~~ swoons into your arms ♥♥♥ ]


     She’s a true bringer of bliss in his life. Each kiss becoming a faint pulse to his heart, these quietly swallowed by the void which has occupied its place. And yet, in spite darkness overcoming his whole being, having gotten rid of all mercy and concern for virtue, he’s still fond of her, acting which serene beast in presence of an unexpected tamer. “Did you? How much?” He needs to know. Such a difficult task not to squirm for her embrace, but he seeks her. He leans down to match her height, and gently fondles on her grasp. “You’re spoiling me, you know that?”

     And he loves it. A lot.

dsmbrvltg3 asked:
"Very important life or dead question here. Well… maybe not life or death— BUT! I need to know, Vanitas what find of fish would you be if you were a fish?!"


       Awkward silence coming as his only answer, he slowly closes the door on Sora’s face.

Anonymous asked:
list ur favourite quality blogs

     Quality is such a big word, so let’s avoid it. Here, have a cupcake.